Patterson Yachts & Design

John Patterson has originated innovative hull design since the early 1970s. His determination to produce cutting edge hull technology has resulted in some of the most innovative and fast sailboats ever built.

John worked with boat builder Greg Barnes during the formative years of modern multihull production. Together they pioneered constant camber vacuum form hull construction. John honed his design skills racing the Gougeon brothers on the Great Lakes. Besides providing smart competition on the lake, Meade and Jan contributed to John’s design and construction knowledge. Much of John’s early research culminated in a series of production hulls and a fast racer named Kinetics.

Kinetics, variously mentioned in the literature for its remarkable performance and curious looks, had a reputation for racing powerboats up the shoreline of Lake Huron. This fast racer and other racing platforms served as a laboratory for John’s interest in wing mast design. John pushed the limits for ever lighter and stronger design characteristics.

John’s latest work has involved small trailerable tris and cats that utilize innovative folding and righting strategies. His most recent design and build is the 44’ live-aboard oceangoing sailing yacht “Buddy”.

John currently continues his research and design work on his sailboat Buddy, in the proximity of the West Indies.

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